New Feature Instant Publishing

We’ve added the ability to create a call-out that is either ‘moderated’ or not, giving you greater flexibility when sourcing and publishing user generated content.

Here’s some of the background to this development. We’ve been working with a new client to replace a legacy forum with Contribly. This client’s trusted, registered community members upload hundreds of images daily to photo and video galleries showcasing changing weather, seasons, wildlife and nature. The priority here is to immediately publish uploaded content rather than moderate each image or video before publication. Moderation will be performed on an exception basis, perhaps to remove duplicate, low quality, or off-topic photos and videos.

The powerful verification tools that are part of the Contribly Moderation Tool are one of the main strengths of our product. Being able to verify the photos and videos your users upload, and 'approve' them before publishing is a 'must' for newsrooms and for many other publishers too. However, when you’re confident in your audience and want the dynamic, ‘live’ feel of an instantly updated gallery, an unmoderated call-out works brilliantly.

So now you have even more options for publishing great stories with Contribly.

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