The Future of Publishing is Community

One of the key differences between media and news publishers, and social media organisations is who is creating the content. On one hand we have professional journalists and content creators writing content with the major attraction being the quality and trusted nature of these stories, whereas on the other hand, users are doing all the work and sharing their stories. There's no guarantee of accuracy or quality here, the major attraction is community, and reach.

Publishers are in a strong position to attract readers to their platform. The exclusivity and sense of pride that readers feel from being part of that quality brand and having their story published to a wider audience can be a major pull. In a world where everyone now has a voice, is the aim to become a voice that is heard? Providing such a platform can become a focal point for change and a centre for community.

Is it possible for publishers to become a trusted centre for community, with all the benefits that brings, without compromising on trust and quality and with the finite resources available? We believe the answer is 'yes' with the right tools to help you.

Our clients tell us their key concerns are:

Contribly has been designed to directly address these concerns so that user content at scale can be achieved. The Moderation Tool comes with inbuilt newsdesk-quality verification facilities, whilst cut-and-paste code snippets make adding an uploading button to your article the work of seconds. Meaning you can focus on building your relationship with your readers.

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